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College of Engineering


College of Engineering

Dr. Jiunn-Chyi Lee

Dean of College of Engineering


TPCU College of Engineering mainly conducts various areas of technology and innovation: green energy, mechatronics, computer multimedia, embedded system and communication. Furthermore, College of Engineering consistently provides training courses for professional certifications and opportunities of internships to assists students more competitive after graduating.


Rather being a doer under criticism than being a non-doer always criticizing.



Department of Mechanical Engineering (Master program of Mechatronic Engineering)

Dr. zhao Wen Yan


Dedicating to create innovative inventors:

Won group champion in the Nationwide Contest of Creative Design and Industrial Drawing.

Number of winning is the first in country as well as world in international exhibitions of inventions for three consecutive years.

Industry-university cooperation and internships in the fields of sea, land and air:

Including China Airline, EVA Air, CSBC Corporation, Taiwan, Supercar Ferrari, Inventec Group, Chiform Special Tool, Hua-Jie (Taiwan) Corp., Nagaoka Machinery Co., C Sun Mfg. Ltd., HCA Technology, Miin Luen Enterprise Co., Ta Tung Gear Co., CERATIZIT, Taiwan Seiko Printing Circuit Board Co., Len Gin Steel Co., Yeah Hsian Enterprise Co., Shieg-Yih Machinery Industry Co., Optima Healthcare Inc., Truck Body Parts Industry Co., many of which are among the 1000 largest in Taiwan.

Employment guarantee after graduation:

Students apply their academic knowledge and practical technology in industry. 

Job guarantee number: Call Dr. Sheng-Dih Yuh at (02) 2893-5295.


Vehicle Division, Department of Mechanical Engineering

Abundant Research and Development Achievement:

 More than tens of million is invested in Ship and Ocean Industries R&D Center for developing rapid charging system for electric cars, which is the only one in entire country.

The Only One in the Country having Industry-university cooperation and internships in major depots:

 Mercedes-Benz, BMW Taiwan, Toyota, Ford, Fortune Motors Co., Top Skill Transmission Co., Mitsubishi Fuso, Toyota Hino, BMW Motorrad, etc.

Employment guarantee after graduation:

 Students apply their academic knowledge and practical technology in industry. 

 Job guarantee number: Call Dr. C. W. Yen at (02) 2893-5295



Department of Electrical Engineering

Dr. Kun-Yuan Shen

Associate Professor and Chairman of Department of Electric Engineering

World First Established Robot Museum:

Supporting science education and robot exhibitions for the last decade.

National Champions of Innovative Robot Contests:

Three consecutive year gold medals for National Intelligent Robot contest, Biped Robot contest and Taiwan Computerized Sports Competition.

Industrial Robot Training Center:

Equipped with four world-class industrial robots:  KUKA(Germany), FANUC(Japan), ABB(Sweden), STAUBLI(Switzerland).

Winner of International Invention Competitions:

Ninety-five international medals (2010-2013), including twenty-eight gold medals, twenty-seven silver medals, twenty-nine copper medals and eleven special prizes.

Advanced Power Electronics and Energy Management:

Research and development of power energy conversion and battery recharging using power electronic technology, and smart phone App software development for energy & information management of smart living & smart building.


Internship opportunities in major enterprises: ASUSTeK Computer Inc., Senao International, Pegatron Corp., Golden Friends Corp., Shihlin Electric, C Sun, Nagaoka Machinery, LABAU Technology Corp., and SHAYANG YE Industrial Co.



Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering

Dr. Der Fu Tao

Our invention results rank in the top of the world!

We gain a great many medals in attending the Geneva, Nuremberg, Seoul, and Taipei International Invention Exhibition, which stands out in the world !.

Teaching Characteristics:

 In order to fulfill the strong demand of enterprise IT professionals, we cultivate our students to have solid foundation in both theoretical knowledge and practical ability.

Domestic Famous Enterprises Apprenticeship Cooperation:

 Our department cooperates with more than 40 well-known top 100 enterprises on internship, such as Pegatron Corporation, ASUSTeK Computer, Delta Electronics, Senao International, Ingle, Litemax Electronics, IBASE Technology, to name a few.

Excellence of Student:

 In recent years, our students have attended many international exhibition of inventions as well as national and international creative competition and have won 95 medals. Our students have 3,780 professional licenses in total, and our department has 175 patents with students’ participation. Students who graduated from our department have gained enterprises’ affirmation.

Join the big family of Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering, Taipei Chengshih University of Science and Technology, and then you can have a happy learning and make your dream come true. We welcome you to join us to make a better future together.



Department Of Computer and Communication Engineering

Dr. Chan, Hsun-hung

Educational Objectives:

 “Mobile Communication” is our overall educational purpose in terms of teaching and research. 

 “Embedded Single-chip Application” is regarded as the core to cultivate both hardware and software technical professionals in mobile communication.

Collaboration with Enterprises and Student Internships:

 To enhance our students’ practical training, we collaborate with Asus, Pegatron, Inventec, Fubon Life, Schmidt Co., (H. K.) Ltd., and more than ten other well-known enterprises.

Performance and Achievements (Root in Computer and Communication and Goal for Future Mobile Communication):

We have constantly created the Pioneering Glory of Taiwan!

 Successfully, we first wirelessly connected with “NASA ISS Space Station.”

 Initiatively, we first created radio connection in four places located in both Taiwan and China via satellite to celebrate the Lantern Festival.

 In these successive years, we won 5 gold, 9 silver, and 11 bronze in both the domestic and the International Invention Exhibition, not mentioning a total of 76 medals and 60 patents in the national competitions.

 Having passed the graduate school entrance examination, 22 students from the Department have successfully got admitted to enter their ideal graduate programs to have their advanced study.